March 6, 2016

Event Information

Pack Pick up locations and times

Thursday 6th April Water Wanderers
28 Collins Street
7.30am – 5pm
Thursday 6th April Canoeing WA
RLSWA Building
McGillivary Road
Mt Claremont
9 am – 4.30pm
Friday 7th April Water Wanderers
28 Collins Street
10am – 8pm
Friday 7th April Canoeing WA
RLSWA Building
McGillivary Road
Mt Claremont
9 am – 4.30pm
Saturday 8th April Water Wanderers
28 Collins Street
10am – 7pm

We’ll be making a statement with our annual community event: the biggest ever paddle craft gathering in Perth with hundreds of participants on a magical, colourful day on the Swan for a Guinness record attempt!

Event Information

Date: Sunday, 9  April 2017

Time:  7-9 am

Cost:   Adults: $10.00 and Children: $5.00

Location: Claisebrook Cove, East Perth – Swan River

Being early on a Sunday there shouldn’t be to much motor boat traffic, but still be vigilant.

We won’t be corralling or rafting in the motor boat channel or the No Go Zone. If you do drift into the channel or no zone please paddle out of there and move another spot on the river.

Rosalie and Leonie (see below) will head to a position in the corral and that is where you head too. They will be in a yellow sea kayak with a Water Wanderers flag flying at the back.

The counting checkpoints will open at 7.00am and counting will start at 7.00am. You can pre-corral near the counting checkpoints. .

Skyworks WA will be taking video and stills of the event. Other event photographers  will also be in the area. At 7.45am Skyworks WA’s drone will take photos and video of the raft and record attempt.

If part of a club or group you may want to wear your club colours. The brighter the better we think

Once everyone has been counted and rafted and the drone has the video evidence required we will signal to paddlers to start breaking up the raft.

The safety of everyone participating is important, so please be patient.

Rules and Regulations
Accepted Craft
Canoes, skis and kayaks are accepted under the Guinness World Record regulations. This includes peddle and paddle propelled kayaks.

NOTE: Each craft needs to be touching another craft. No craft can be touching or holding onto a anchor, platform or wall. The raft cannot be attached to any other craft or jetty, but can be during the assembling of the raft. The whole raft must free float on a body of water for at least 30 seconds. If at any time during this period the raft is grounded, touches land or any other craft, the attempt is disqualified.

Guinness World Record – Counting
Each craft will need to be counted at one of the Official counting checkpoints. It is absolutely vital that you are counted at your checkpoint!

The safety of all who take part in Unite on the Swan is important! All participants are asked to be patient on the day and support their fellow paddlers. It is recommended that all participants wear a personal flotation device (PFD). It is a requirement that all participants under the age of 12 wear a PFD and are accompanied by an adult.
Slight bumping is inevitable, however we ask all participants to be as careful and cautious as possible.

Participant Age
Anyone over the age of six is able to participate in Unite on the Swan. Participants aged 6 – 12 must be accompanied by an adult and be of competent paddling ability and must be using a PFD.

Emergency Situations
If you are in the centre and an emergency requires you to get from inside the raft to outside the raft quickly, don’t panic! send the message to the marshals and all the paddlers will make a path way for you.

Additional Information
We have checked the tides. Low tides is at 3.17am is 0.71meters then High Tide is at 10:07am is 0.95 meters so they won’t cause too much bother. Being early in the morning in Autumn, there is an excellent chance we will have a mill pond for rafting.

In the event of a strong easterly wind trying to turn us into the Swan River Drift, we will have some marshals positioned to assist. We will also be relying on all participants to help in this situation.

A few suggestions
• take care of toilet requirements before entering the corral
• bring fluids and snacks
• a comfortable stable craft is great for this event