January 26, 2016


We have the Australian record for the largest raft-up and we will do even better this year. 335 craft rafted on the Swan was impressive, can we multiply this by 11x to break the record? With your help, yes we can. Thanks in advance for joining us on Sunday, 20 May 2018!

For risk management and running an event, there are a few details we need so collect for each participant in the craft.  Each submission is a different craft, this is simply to we can ensure we know who is on the water at the same time.

If you have any challenges with the online registration contact Olivia via info@uniteontheswan.org.au or on (08) 9285 8501.

Please fill in your details for the UOTS Event Registration Form below. It is a requirement that all participants under the age of 12 wear a PFD and are accompanied by an adult. Anyone aged 6 and over is able to participate.

Canoes skis and kayaks are accepted under the Guinness World Record regulations. This includes peddle and paddle propelled CRAFT. A comfortable stable CRAFT is great for this event. If you are registering more than 1 CRAFT complete 2 or more registrations.

Register your CRAFT and the paddler(s) in this craft. It is $7.00 per CRAFT.